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Kruba Keow Ma of Wat Rong Doo, Payao Province

Kruba Keow Ma is a compassionate monk and highly known for his Wicha (Magical Science) & Saiyasart (Occult Knowledge). He makes very Saksit (Efficacious) Amulets.(Many people and devotees have attributed to the "Miracles" of his amulets).
He's the Abbot of Wat Rong Doo in Payao Province.

He was a disciple of the Famous Northern Saint, Kruba Sri Vichai of Chiangmai and Lamphun. He's also well known as a practitioner of Thai Traditional Herbs (Sam Moon Phai) which hails from a 700 years old tradition where he uses this knowledge to treat  and heal his devotees and patients. Everyday, people visit him to pay respects to him firmly believing that he has the "powers" to change their karma (fate) for the better, to secure good fortunes and wealth and for attraction and love.

Kruba Keow Ma is a Lanna monk (from Northern Thailand) where he was trained in the original Lanna scripts. To many monks in Northern Thailand, such as Kruba Keow Ma, practicing the original Lanna ways of Blessings, Chantings or Meditation can be very difficult and will generally require a life time process of learning and dedication. One of the very reasons he is so highly regarded by the people of Northern Thailand.

Locket Lok Sarapat Dee (Open Universe Locket) made by Kruba Keow Ma.

Kruba Keow Ma invited many Gods, Demi-Gods and Angels and requested them to jointly Bless this Special Sacred Locket Amulet together to Super Enhance and transmit their Powers into this Locket Amulet. He also connected the Powers of the Universe and transfer them into this Locket Amulet.

This Special Sacred Locket Amulet consists and made from the following:

1.) Kesa (Hairs) that belongs to Kruba Keow Ma. Quite a number requested for his hairs, kept them and then found that it changed their lucks from negative to positive and moreover, brought them instant good luck in their businesses and some kept on striking lotteries in huge amounts;

2.) Chiwon (Robes) which belongs to Kruba Keow Ma where he used to worn them for many years, thereby infusing the powers naturally onto them. Henceforth, the robes has the natural powers by itself;

3.) Pure Silver Takrut hand written with Yants of Special Powers to attracts Good Luck, Prosperity, Business Enhancements, Charismatic Attractions & Overall Protection

4.) The bead from  Tarawadee (made around 1,500 years ago) and was discovered in Nakhon Pathom Chedi. One of his disciples gave it as a gift to Kruba Keow Ma. Many Thais believed that whoever keeps this Special Sacred Bead will become Super Rich & Wealthy!!! Making Money becomes an Easy Task and as such Automatically becomes a Millionaire!!!

5.) Skin of Bull Tanoo: The Bull was killed by a thunderbolt, so the Thais believed it has supernatural powers for protection against evil, negative energy, anti-black magic, drives away ghosts and evil spirits and blocks all bad karma. This is an extremely Powerful Bull Skin!!!

This Special Sacred Locket Amulet is suitable for the person who got extremely bad luck, found many obstacles in life, unsuccessful in business and have unanticipated problems all the time. This amulet will solve and change everything!!!

This Special Sacred Locket has the Supernatural Power to naturally Attract Money and Wealth in all 8 Directions, Bestow Prosperity, Brings Success & Overall Protection to the Wearer!!!

Hung Payont  "Cupid Bow Wielder  Made By: Kruba Keow Ma

Hung Payont "Cupid Bow Wielder"  BE253X  (Shoot the Arrow to Get your Lover!!)
A Very Powerful Maha Saneh (Occult Attraction)  100% to Get The Lover(s) that You are Targeting!!!
Made of Very Powerful Sacred Ingrdients, Magical Straws & Powerful Maha Saneh Oil.
Made By: Kruba Keow Ma, Wat Rong Doo, Payao Province.
(Last than 99 Pieces Made)

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