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Famous for Kuman Thong and Hanuman.

LUANG PHOR POON, WAT PAILOM, NAKORN PATHOM. Famous for the consecration of Kuman Thong and Hanuman.

Luang Phor Poon was born in the year of the Rat, on Monday 11th November BE2455 (1912) in Tambon Don Yai Hom, Nakorn Pathom Province. Thailand.

He was 6 out of 10 children of Mr. Chu and Mrs. Somniang Phinthong. At the age of 22 years old, he entered into the Toyal Siamese Army and served for 18 months during the era of King Phrajadhipok (Rama VII) of Thailand.

Kuman Thong  Phim Sombart  1stBatch  5" Inches  LP Poon Consecrated this Kumanthong. Rated as one of the Top 5 Kuman Thong Buchas in Thailand. Very sought after by Kuman Thong Collectors/Devotees.

The Bottom of this Kuman Thong Phim Sombart has the "Magical Coin (Medallion) that Empowers the Kuman Thong.

Phim Sombart Kuman Thong Conecrated by LP Poon, Wat Pailom. This Kuman Thong Bucha has many miraculous happenings from owners/devotees of this Kuman Thong. This KMT will Fulfilled the Owner Prayers/Requests!!! Many has attested to this!!!

In the year of the Buffalo, on Sunday dated 9th May BE2480 (1937), he ordained at Wat Phra Ngam, Amphoe Mueang, Nakorn Pathom province. From 12th May 2492 (1949) up to his passing away he was Abbot of Wat Pailom.

Luang Phor Poon passed away on 22th May BE2548 (2005) at 14:55 in Samithiwet Hospital, Bangkok. He was 93 years old serving as a monk for 68 years of rainy retreats (Phansa). His Royal Highness King Bhumibol (Rama 9) of Thailand doanted over 25th May, 2005 to Wat Pailom, the coffin as a gift as well as utensils to the last honour of this great monk.

Roop Lor (Image) of Luang Phor Poon, Wat Pailom, Nakorn Pathom. A Powerful Roop Lor Infused with the Powers of Klaew Klad (Avoidance of Dangers), Maha Pokassap (Great Fortune), Metta Maha Niyom (Loving Kindness), KronKhaPhan (Invulnerability) & Overall Protection. Bottom has the Sacred Ingredients, Holy Powders, Kesa (Hairs), Chiwon (Robes) and Relics.

Roop Lor (Image) (Back View) of Luang Phor Poon, Wat Pailom 

LUANG PHOR POON, WAT PAILOM with his Honored Ecclesiastical Fans

Roop Lor (Image) of Luang Phor Poon, Wat Pailom, Nakorn Pathom. 1st Batch  BE253X. (Bottom has the Sacred Ingredients, Holy Powder, Kesa (Hairs), Chiwon (Robes) and Relics. (In Original Temple Box. Unused)

Bracelet Chok Lap (Good Luck  BE253X  1st Batch)  made by LP Poon, Wat Pailom. Top of Bracelet has the Symbols of Snake and Fish. To be worn on the wrist, especially helpful to those who are involved in Retail, Sales, Trading and meeting customers on a regular basis. Highly Powered & Infused by LP Poon.

Bracelet Chok Lap (Behind has further Script/Inscriptions to Enhance Money Attraction and Wealth Fetcher)

The Upper Top Left of the Bracelet has the Gecko (Lizard) to Enhance & Attract Customers. The Gecko will call out to the customers to buy your products/goods from you!!!

Rian Roop Muean LP Poon, Wat Pailom (Size of 5 cents Malaysia). A Rian to Attract Wealth & Money, Prosperity,  Increase Sales, Brings Unexpected Income (Money) from Lottery, 4Ds and so forth.

Rian Roop Muean LP Poon, Wat Pailom. (Size of 5 cents Malaysia). Behind has the Yant "Nak" to Fulfilled Your Wishes!!!

Magical Pestle Mai Saksit  (Sacred Tree Wood) by LP Poon, Wat Pailom. The Magical Pestle is Believed to Bring in Sufficient Food in the Household, Brings in Wealth & Money,  Good Income in Trading, Ensure Happiness in the Family, Anti-Black Magic & General Protection.

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