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LUANG PHOR SAMRIT KUMPIRO, WAT TAM FAED: Who first created the "Krob Mongkut Prajao Ceremony" and also credited with the Discovery of Sacred Leklai which is known to have 108 Kinds of Magic Powers. LP Samrit was the first ever Gaeji Monk to perform the miracle of :Nam Da Tien" (Candle Tears). The Ritual is performed by drippling candle wax into a bowl of prayer water and then pulling out the wax (which instaed of being hardened as is normally the case when dripped into water, is elastic and gelatinous) in a long string and dopping it onto the head of the devotee in a spiral. This ceremony is called "Korb Mongkun Prajao" (laying on the Lord's Crown).

Wat Tam Faed Temple located in Kanchanaburi is a well known temple in Thailand and also in other countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, China, USA, Europe and others because of  Luang Phor Samrit Kumpiro (the past Abbot of Wat tam faed) who Discovered & Pioneered "Leklai". Wat Tam Faed was established by Luang Phor Samrit who passed away on 4th February, 1996 at the age of 73. Luang Phor Samrit Kumpiro ordained name is "Phra Kru Kannchanakit Jatorn" and he was well known for his strong meditation powers which can protect and destroy the Evil's Powers. His method of meditation is significantly different from others as he uses the "Secret Mantra "Kartha" from heaven so people could witness the tangible results.

LP Samrit Cortege Behind his Statue & Rhino

LP  Samrit usually uses the 3 Wichas i.e. 1.) Using Leklai ;  2.) "Nam Ta Tien" (Candle Tears); Ceremony is called "Krob Mongkut Prajao" (laying on the Lord's Crown) & 3.) Remedy and heal the people by Meditation Power.

Leklai is a Mysterious Phenomena and considered a very Powerful Magical Element called "Kayasit" (also known to have 108 Kinds of Magic Power)  which enables the Owner/Holder/Wearer to be Invincible to Bullets, and other weapons, avoid accidents, illnesses are cured and even attain Mystical Psychic Powers such as the ability to Teleport, become Invisible and even Levitate. Leklai is one of the most cherished possessions of the Lersi who used the Kayasit properties of the Lek Lai to enable their Psychic Abilities and Focus their Mind.

Leklai has many variations ranging from rough to smooth in texture, green. gold, black and even rainbow cplors to be found. There are about 7 main categories of Lek Lai which are allaged to possess varying properties and  powers. Be careful if you are interested in obtaining some as an amulet (i.e. if you believed in myths and legends); it's not really possible to buy, rather, you will receive it automatically when your baramee (merits) is sufficient. Lek Lai isn't something you can seek out and buy, it comes to you and supposedly can perform uncanny feats as in the case of Buddha/Arahants relics, where it grows, split, disappear or reappear.  It's said that if a piece of Leklai is held by the wrong person, then the Lek Lai will mysteriously vanish. It will also appear in just as strange manner and enter the possession of whom it chooses to stay with.

If you have attained merits and developed psychic powers, then the Lek Lai will be attracted to you like an ElectroMagnet. Some people said that Leklai are used to make Nuclear Warheads, and that is the reason why for t's high values.

Phra Somdet Leklai Pra-Tat  BE2508  1stBatch. Made By LP Samrit Kumpiro that contained 2 Original & Powerful Taa Rad Leklai (Taa Rad Leklai is the most Rare and Hard to Find and Almost Impossible to Find)
(Front of this Amulet has the 2 Taa Rad Leklai & Many Buddha & Phra Arahants' Relics)

The Back of this Phra Somdet Leklai Pra-Tat  1stBatch  BE2508 featured the image (Roop Muean) of LP Samrit & his Rhino (The Rhino is known as "Ramad" (Hindu God of Fire) (Materials: Leklai, Holy Powerder, Gemstones & Other Scared Ingredients) Very Rare To Own This Piece of Amulet! Apprx. 99 Pieces were made, I got One Piece myself and am prepared to Let Go to the Future Fortunate Owner at the Right Price!!!

LOCKET LUANG PHOR SAMRIT KUMPIRO, WAT TAMFAD  BE2539. A Great Locket, Personally Blessed by LP Samrit himself. Suitable to placed in car, shop, office or house.

Riang Thong Daeng BE2539  LP Samrit Kumpiro Performing the "Nam Da Tien (Candle Tears). The ceremony is called "Krob Mongkun Prajao" (Laying on the Lord's Crown).

Ruan Thong Daeng  BE2539  LP Samrit Kumpiro Prforming The Miracle of "Nam Ta Tien" (Candle Tears)
Behind is the Yant Script of LP Samrit.

Roop Muean (Image) of LP Samrit Kumpiro, Wat Tam Fad.  BE2539
Materials:Lek Lai, Holy Powder, 108 Sacred  Herbs & other Secret Ingredients
(Persoanlly Blessed by LP Samrit himself)

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