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Famous Master (Gaeji) For Making Luang Phor Thuad's Amulets & Buchas.

Archan Nong, Wat Sai Khao, Pattani Famous Master (Gaeji) for making efficacious LP Thuad's Amulets & Buchas.

  Archan Nong Dhammabhuto (Abbot of Wai Sai Khao) was born in Ban Nah Padoo, Amphoe Khok Pho, Pattani. He was the eldest of the 3 childrens of Nai Riang and Nang Torng Paeng. He studied at Wat Nah Pradoo until Primary 4. When he reached the age to oradained, he went to Wat Duyong (Wat Mutjalin) Amphoe Norng Jit, Pattani to ordained as  a monk (bhikkhu) on 27th June BE2482. Pra Kru Piboon Samanawat (Archan Choom) was his preceptor and Dhamma teacher. Archan Nong studied Dhamma at the temple until BE2489. In BE2511, he became the Abbot of Wat Sai Khao and was promoted to the rank of Phra Kru TamatGitGohson in BE2514.  Archan Nong respected Archan Tim (Abbot of Wat Chianghai, Pattani) very much because Archan Tim was a monk who liked to search for knowledge and has alot of wisdom in Dhamma and Wicha (Magical Knowledge) Archan Nong followed Archan Tims's footsteps in learning Dhamma and Wicha (Magical Knowledge). One of the most obvious achievement of Archan Nong was the creation for his "Takrut Narai Plaeng Roop" is a single Takrut is famous for protecting the owner/wearer from accidents and evil spirits and his Luang Phor Thuad's amulets are also are very famous in the  Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and subsequently in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. Amulets, Takruts and Buchas consecrated by Archan Nong  uses the same method and techniques as Archan Tim of Wat Chianghai. There is a saying that the Luang Phor Thuad's amulets of Wat Sai Khao is actually the twin of Luang Phor Thuad, Wat Chianghai and they can be used to replaced each other.


Archan Nong created the 2nd Batch of Luang Phor Thuad's amulets in Wat Sai Khao on 3rd January, BE2514. During the chanting at the Putthaphisek Ceremony; it was claimed that Luang Phor Thuad entered a monk (Archan Mun) but Archan Mun was not aware. Phra Pisan Dharmarangsi who was seated beside Archan Mun was aware that somebody has entered Archan Mun's body. He asked, "Who are you?" Then a voice from Archan Mun replied that "I am Luang Phor Thuad" after which he told Phra Pisan Dhammarangsi to continue with the chanting. Before the chanting came to an end, Luang Phor Thuad instructed Phra Pisan Dhammarangsi to asked all the monks to chant "Kartha GamaWahJah" and "Kartha Dab Tiang Chai" (A Chant To Extinguish The Candle and he gave specific instruction that Luang Phor Samnueng to be the monk to extinguish the candle. Phra Pisan Dharmarangsi asked Luang Phor Thuad in which way this batch of Luang Phor Thuad are useful for. Luang Phor Thuad replied that the particular batch of amulets are good in preventing accidents, Metta (Loving Kindness) and Charismastic Leadership (Amnnaj). Furthermore, Luang Phor Thuad stated that amulets chanted by Archan Nong are similar to all the Luang Phor Thuad's amulets chanted by Archan Tim. This is because both Archan Nong and Archan Tim were best of friends. Archan Nong took part in most chanting of Luang Phor Thuad conducted by Archan Tim at Wat Chianghai. Thus the effectiveness of Archan Nong's Luang Phor Thuad amulets are similar. Some of Archan Nong's Luang Phor Thuad's amulets has the Takrut Narai Plaeng Roop inserted which is very good for Metta and protects the wearer from dangers. This Takrut also can prevent black magic and evil spirit. if someone wants to harm you, it was claimed that this Takrut could change your form and avert the danger, that is why the Takrut is named "Narai Plaeng Roop" (which means "Change Form". When Archan Tim was alive, he carried this Takrut in his monk's bag and had always mentioned that if one wants to be safe, he/she can go and request for a "Takrut Narai Plaeng Roop" for him.


Takrut "Narai Plaeng Roop" Small/Mini Size. This Takrut (Inserted Inside has the Yant Script Metal Foil) could change your Physical Form & Avert Danger. in Unexpected Situations. Made by Archan Nong, Wat Sai Khao, Pattani


The Famous Luang Phor Thuad M16 "Smiling Luang Phor Thuad BE2534 Consecrated by Archan Nong, Wat Sai Khao, Pattani. (Should you be interested, please Contact Me).

Luang Phor Thuad M16 Batch (also known as "Smiling Luang Phor Thuad"; in Thai known as "Luang Phor Thuad Phim Yim" was made in BE2534 (AD 1991) consecrated in conjunction with Archan Nong's 72nd Birthday.

Miracle of Archan Nong's Luang Phor Thuad M16 Batch as documented and reported in major Thai newspapers.

A lorry was travelling along the isolated area of Yala-Betong Province in Southern Thailand. In a daring robbery attempt, a gang of bandits stopped the truck in the middle of the road and opened fire with the M16 rifles, hundreds of stray bullets straying across the lorry and especially the windscreen.

The miracle happened when the driver had miraculously survived and not a single M16 bullets successfully penetrated his skhin (flesh). According to the experts, under normal circumstances, anyone who had been seated in the front of the truck and hit with M16 will definitely have 0.00% of survival chances. But the miracle is that the driver escaped unhurt and not a single gunshot could penetrate his flesh.

Takrut Narai Plaeng Roop (Change Form Takrut) Phim Yai .Made by Archan Nong, Wat Sai Khao. It was claimed that this Takrut could change the Form of the Wearer and Avert the Danger at that very moment when your life is in crisis. The Takrut is also very good for Metta, Avoidance of Dangers, Prevents Black Magic & Evil Spirit.
Archan Nong's Famous Luang Phor Thuad M16. In Original Temple Box. Unworn. Interested, Please Contact Me.

During the interview, the driver of the lorry revealed that during the incident, he was wearing Luang Phor Thuad's M16 (Smiling Luang Phor Thuad) consecrated by Archan Nong of Wat Sai Khao in the year 1991 (BE 2534). He believes that Luang Phor Thuad's M16 saved his life. Because of this incident, this Luang Phor Thuad's amulet was given a nickname as Luang Phor Thuad's M16 Batch. Due to the M16 attacked incident, Luang Phor Thuad's M16 later became a highly sought after amulet. Demand for the amulets and price were sky rocketing!

Luang Phor Thuad Amulets (One Pair: White & Black)  8th to 24th November  BE2540
Consecrated By: Archan Nong, Wat Sai Kow jointly with Wat Prasart Bunyawat

                            Luang Phor Thuad Amulets BE2540  (A Pair) (Behind has the Temple Chop)
                                 Jointly Created By: Wat Sai Kow and Wat Bunyawat

Luang Phor Thuad Amulets (A Pair - White & Black) Date: 8 - 24th November, BE2540 Consecrated by Archan Nong, Wat Sai Khao Jointly with Wat PrasartBunyawat. A Rare & Efficacious Amulets. Available for Rent

Luang Phor Thuad Roop Lor  23rd October, BE2539
This Amulet was jointly consecrated by Wat Tramit, Bangkok and Wat Sai Kow, Pattani where Archan Nong led the Mass Blessing & Chanting

Luang Phor Thuad Roop Lor (Back)  23rd October, BE2539
(Jointly Consecrated by Wat Tramit Bangkok & Wat Sai Kow, Pattani where Ajarn Nong led the Mass Ceremony

Luang Phor Thuad Roop Lor  BE2539 (In Original Temple Box. Not Used)
Consecrated By: Archan Nong of Wat Sai Kow jointly with Wat Tramit in Bangkok
(Available for Rent. Interested? Conatct Me)



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